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Wild Wild Wes

Owner of FAE. Born and raised on Oahu. He's half Filipino, half Japanese and is always full of energy. Wesley Nakano started his emcee career at the age of 17 under Richie Aqui and DJ Free Isabelo from the Playhouse, where he got his name "Wild Wild Wes" from DJ Jimmy Taco and Mix Master B because of his wild and crazy energy. Most might know him from Hawaii's night life industry as a former night club promoter & emcee. He's known in the import & low rider car show industry. He has emceed at most low rider, import car shows, many parties, charity events, & over hundreds of weddings. He was also previously on the original 102.7 Da Bomb as a radio on-air personality & was on 93.9 The Beat on the Sam and Ryan show.  Now running 2 businesses with his wife takes up most of his time. On his spare time, he enjoys frolicking in the woods in natures glory, off roading in his Yota, & spending time with his family. 

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Becky Mits

Becky Mits joined the Sam and Ryan show in February 2019 as the female voice of reason. Her sassy and strong attitude keeps the boys in check when things go out of hand. She started off as a Sales Assistant at iHeartMedia Honolulu and was asked to participate in a segment on Island 98.5’s Wake Up Crew called: “Wild Wahine Wednesday.” After this, she was asked sub in periodically on Island 98.5’s the Wake Up Crew. After positive response, she was soon asked to join the Sam and Ryan show. Since being on the show, Becky has emceed at countless events, including weddings, 1st birthday parties, graduations, concerts, movie premieres and more. Becky enjoys talking about her day-to-day struggles, relating to countless millennials. Her ability to relate to others and self-depreciating humor adds to the charm of the show. In her spare time, she enjoys making funny videos (@beckymits on TikTok and Instagram) watching basketball, Marvel movies and eating.

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Don K Won

When one looks at this island boy, you'd never guess this Oahu born Korean, would be from the wild west known as Waianae. Don K Won started his career at Venus Night Club, where he originally worked as a sushi chef and bouncer. He later started promoting and mc'ing under his mentor, DJ FREE. Most people might know him from all the various night clubs, pool parties and venues he's hosted and promoted, such as Venus Night Club,  Oceans 808, Pipeline Cafe and many more. You can find him most weekends at District Night Club or around various other spots doing what he loves. "What's that?" you ask. Entertaining and keeping the energy of the night alive. Whether entertaining 5 or 5000, his energy is always a 110%!

On his spare time he enjoys eating and trying new food spots. 

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Josh Asuncion

Josh asuncion started working in people relations and sales at Best Buy in Palm Springs Californian. Before they he was an honor scholar student and all around athlete, playing football, basketball and track. After high school he flew to Southern California and continued his schooling there along with working full time and playing football. His tenure in cali last from 2006 to 2014, where he finished school and had an outstanding career playing professional sports and also emceed night clubs and events from 2012 to 2014. Upon moving back to Hawaii in 2015, he found a home in the fitness industry and as a membership specialist, then advancing to Assistant General Manager, working there for roughly 6 years. Helping people with their fitness goals and getting them set up on their fitness plan. Right after Covid when the wedding industry in Hawaii started to pick back up he found another home rocking weddings as the emcee. 

He enjoys meeting and connecting with people from all over and just giving with he crowd making them laugh with his wittiness.  On his down time he loves to coach youth sports as he’s been coaching during the day for youth sports over the last year.

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