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His love for music had always been in the family. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area for the early half of his life, his father played in several live bands throughout the South Bay. DBOX grew up listening to all the greatest music ever created by live bands and it stuck with him when he became a DJ.

Darryl aka Dj DBOX got his start in the music business Sept 11 th 2001. DBOX had a scheduled interview with a Bay Area radio station and started his music career from there. His boss Ray W. aka Ruthless had told him that everybody had a goal when they started working at the radio station and I was no different. 

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A self-taught DJ who started off with mixing cassette tapes and different experiences along the way till his success now in Hawaii. 

DJ Rudedogg has been Djing for the clubs and radio stations since 1997. He has worked with multiple venues, events, promoters and celebrity concerts. Music is his passion. He loves to see the crowd dancing to his music, enjoying themselves and having fun. The smiles on their faces makes his night. 

He has so much passion with music especially with Caribbean, Latin and Hip-hop music. 

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DJ Lejas was born and raised in Mexico City. Back in Mexico at the age of 12, DJ Lejas began sneaking into his mother's ballroom business DJ Booth, experimenting with the equipment. After a few months, he was finally allowed to work on the events gaining experience. Weddings, Quinceañeras, Graduations, Birthdays, Corporate Parties, bars, night clubs and private events in Mexico City, Acapulco MX, Cancun MX, Vancouver Canada, and many other places. Since 2008 he has been based in Honolulu bringing joy to any event he is part of.

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Lincoln loves to make the crowd sing and dance to those songs you hear in the club/car rides/songs you forgot existed. Having anyone to make memories when they hear me mix, is the best thing I can do when I start dropping the beats.


My love for what I do and the passion I have to make every event the best event because music is my life and it heals my soul.

Resident DJ - Playbar Waikiki (2007-Current) 5 - 6 nights a week and also a manager. 


Power 104.3 Mix show Dj (2018-2020)

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DJ 720

720 is on the decks. Round and round the record goes, the party don’t stop and everyone knows. OK enough with the rhymes. Find the party fuse and DJ 720 will be sure to ignite it. Game. Set. Match. Guarantee. All In.

One of the key players of the well respected Hawaii DJ Community, DJ 720’s video mix assaults kill at will, and create the perfect cause for dance fiends to get busy. Professional swag on a consistent basis, it’s the beat, not the ego that drives him.

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Perfecting his craft for more than 2 decades, Technique has gained respect amongst his peers as one of the most versatile DJ/Turntablists coming out of Hawai’i. His versatility has earned him residencies respectively in the Mainstream Club, Underground Hip-Hop & Dance Music scenes performing at almost every nightspot in Hawai'i and has taken his talent to the states & abroad. 

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Ryan McBurnie “DJ ICE” 


When Ryan isn't Djing, he is a dental hygienist at 3 dental practices on Oahu. He’s Been practicing dentistry for 15 years. Ryan is also the owner of an event planning company for boating on Oahu called Oahu Boat Cruises. His girlfriend, April, who is from Austin, Texas. is also a dental hygienist. Together they have 4 Pomeranians and continuing to add more dogs into our family.  They enjoying hiking, snorkeling, and boating. 

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