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Micah has been DJing for 7 years. He plays a little of everything. It all depends on the crowd and what THEY want to hear and vibe to. He became a DJ because of his love for music and how it impacts people. You can hear him mixing on iHeart Radio 93.9 The Beat radio station live on the morning mix or 808 Mix Show. One word that describes Micah Beast Mode!  

 Born and raised in Hawaii, I fell in love with in the art of music ever since I first heard my mom singing on an 8 track karaoke machine. I would be honest to say my mom was not the greatest of singers (sorry mom!!! :P LOL) but I really was inspired by her passion of music. I saw that passion and love for music with also my family members. My sisters were good performing singers and my brother was a great dancer of the 90s. I never had any talents for music at the time but envy what they had.
          My love for music grew as my uncle formed a hip hop group called Kurious crew. My love for  hip hop was at a all time high and was amazed when all the talents such as rapping, dancing, singing, and art came together . It was a way out of the daily problems of life in the 90s and I wanted to be part of that hype. 
          My break came around 1997-1998 when my brother introduced me Nutty DJ and  DJ Eddie L. They introduced me to the many different genres of music and was so captivated by their mixes and scratches of every songs and beat, making crowds of people go crazy. It was like being able to control the world with just your finger tips. From that point on I never looked back learning many great techniques from the Nutty DJ and DJ Eddie L and gaining many valuable experiences from their mobile and radio DJ events. I grew in the art of djing as I worked and DJ for many other mobile dj companies and magicians such as OB1 Productions and Hi Def Sound Productions. 
         I later elevated my skill of DJing as I took advantage of opportunities in the night life scene and DJing in the clubs and special events for many years. Taking all the experience and passion from mom, Kurious crew, Nutty DJ and Eddie L, mobile entertainment companies, and club life scene, I decided to start my own business and share my experience and passion of music. Everyone and anyone who has hired me and supported me throughout the years I thank you and take every moment and experience to heart. I am surely bless for every event I am part of.


DJing since 2005, the late bloomer is one of a select few talented commodities who can rock a club crowd and an EDM event with top flight skill and equal fan fare. 
Heralded for his unique ability for setting the tone and keeping the party vibe fresh at LIVEWIRE events and local clubs such as Ginza and Bar7 have led to his quick rise and rightful spot among Hawaii's elite. 

Born in Atlanta, raised in Honolulu, Shift has proved that he can excel quite well in the sometimes oversaturated DJ scene of the islands. Music diversity and party rock knowledge give him the balance and advantage his peers lack. Matter what opinion you side with, opening minds and shifting perspective is what he does best. 
Is he just consistently ahead of the times? Or did music in the nightlife form finally catch up to him? Probably a little bit of both.

-Kalani WIlhelm-

He’s an Audio/Visual Technician for the US Army (PRMC) Pacific Region Medical Command by day and enjoys shooting weekly Weddings and corporate events for IMF VISIONS Hawaii as a Camera Operator.

With over 30+ years of nightclub disk jockey experience across the state of Hawaii and 25 years of Radio mixing experience with all major rhythmic Top 40 radio stations such as Hot-94, 93.1 KQMQ, Jammin 93.1, Xtreme Radio 104.3, 95.9FM, 102.7 Da Bomb, 93.9TheBEAT. DJ Wu Chang specializes in a wide music format including 70s, 80s, 90s Dance, Progressive, Trance, Hip-Hop, Underground, Top 40, R&B, Alternative & Jazz!